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The Thumb Area Center for the Arts (TACA) strives to foster, promote, cultivate, sponsor, and develop understanding of, participation in, and appreciation of the arts, including, but not limited to visual, performing, and literary arts for educational, charitable, and literary purposes.

Board of Directors

President - Nicholas Schmelter (fpc1.schme@hotmail.com)

Vice President - Terry Wood
Secretary - Michele Hile
Treasurer - Connie Iwankovitsch
Members-at-Large - Dan Hoard, Dana Hover, Beverly Read

Executive Director
The position of Executive Director is currently vacant as the board assesses the organization's strategic plan.

Contact Information
To contact the Thumb Area Center for the Arts by mail, write to TACA, P.O. Box 131, Caro, Michigan 48723. To contact the organization by phone or e-mail, leave a voicemail message with Nicholas Schmelter, President of the Board of Directors, 989.980.9912, or an e-mail (fpc1.schme@hotmail.com).

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